Plan Your Birthday Night Out On The Town

Plan Your Birthday Night Out On The Town

Plan Your Birthday Night Out On The Town

Your birthday weekend is coming up, and that means living it up and having the best time. Regardless of your age, you can still throw one hell of a party! 

Birthdays for adults often become limited to a dinner out or eating dessert at work, but why not throw a birthday party the entire weekend for yourself and have the celebration you very much deserve. 

After the pandemic, many people forgot what it was like to actually enjoy a night out on the town, but celebrating an entire birthday weekend and enjoying yourself is very important. In fact, if you don’t celebrate the little things in life, life is just not worth living! 

Birthdays are meant for doing all your favorite things and celebrating another incredible year of life. Your favorite food, your favorite drinks, your favorite clubs, and your favorite people to celebrate with will all make your day one to remember. 

Whether you want an elaborate dinner party or hit the club, keep reading to find out how to plan for the best time ever on your birthday with some birthday party tips and tricks.

Take the day off

If it is possible, take the day off from work and plan all of your favorite things. Everything that makes you happy that you put off doing at other times or saving for a special occasion will be great to take the time to do on your birthday! Take the day to relax and enjoy yourself so you are well rested for the evening and the big celebration. 

Some activity ideas include taking a walk around the lake, getting lunch at your favorite spot, heading to your favorite breakfast restaurant, or going shopping for what to wear on your birthday night out. Take yourself out on a self-care day. After all, you deserve it! 

Maybe schedule a hair or nail appointment or a massage at the salon and take the time to decompress before a night of partying ahead. Consider it a self care day and do everything that makes you feel like a better version of yourself. 

If you want to get a heavy workout in or just lay in bed all day, do what makes you the happiest on your special day. After you have a well-rested day, you’ll be ready to party all birthday weekend long. 

Planning for a night out

When planning for a night out on the town, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, make sure all of your friends are aware of the plan for the night, including what time to leave and where to meet

Next, choose your nightclub outfit. Keep it comfortable but stylish. It is your birthday after all! You want to make sure that you can move around and dance the night away. What else does a nightclub birthday require? Safety and fun! Picking out your nightclub of choice for the evening and figuring out how you are going to get there and back in a safe way. 

If you are planning on going out for the night, you want to ensure you have safe transportation. When planning your night, check with your friends on who will be the designated driver or whether you will order transportation for the night and what estimated time everyone should arrive and plan to leave by so you don’t lose anyone throughout the night. 

When throwing a birthday party, pick a birthday party theme for adults to make the night that much more fun. Some themes that captured our attention are a spy theme, favorite movie, and masquerade. Show up in your favorite sleek spy costume or wear a mask (the fun kind!) and head out clubbing. Even a nightclub-themed birthday party will spice up a regular night out with crazy party glasses or the most outrageous clubbing outfits – think early 2000’s style clothing and have fun with it. 

Pre-Clubbing Activities

Before going to the club, it might be fun to do an activity or go out to dinner beforehand. You can find a nice restaurant to start the night and celebrate in a more traditional way. Some of the best restaurants for a birthday occasion include Spoon and Stable, Travail Kitchen and Amusements, and Young Joni. All of these places have great cocktails and delicious food that can start your night of celebrations.

If going out to dinner is not in the books for you, consider ordering in or cooking your favorite meal. Many places provide incredible take-out meals around Minneapolis, so if you have a favorite restaurant that you really enjoy but don’t want to go out for dinner or couldn’t make a reservation in time, grab your favorite take-out meal. If you are looking to save some money or prefer cooking yourself, take the time to purchase groceries ahead of time to cook your favorite or more special meal like a unique pasta or hearty steak. 

Treat yourself to your favorite place to eat or head to an experiential activity like a gin tasting experience for two. There are many places around the city that book reservations for wine and liquor tasting or cocktail making classes that will be a perfect activity before going out. Other fun birthday activities include birthday drinking games or heading to an entertainment center like Punch Bowl Social or Top Golf. These are great places to get the night started with friends before going out because it’s social, and you can enjoy fun games while starting to drink and eat. 

Heading to the Club 

To really make your birthday weekend one of a kind, taking to the clubs with your best friends will be the way to do it. Hitting a nightclub is a great place to dance and party with your friends while celebrating your birthday. Check out the best nightclubs in Minneapolis, Minnesota, like The Pourhouse to get some drinks and listen to some of the best music for your birthday. 

If you are throwing yourself a birthday weekend, plan a different club or theme for every night! There is no such thing as too much partying on your birthday. Get your favorite cocktail at the bar and hit the dance floor with your friends. 

If you want to go all out for your birthday and ball out, reserve a booth and pop bottles all night in VIP. It is your birthday after all, so why not make it super special and do something unique? Most people don’t typically get VIP bottle service on an average night so treat yourself and your friends on your birthday with the full service experience. Many nightclubs in Minneapolis do VIP bottle service great, and they will be eager to work with you to set something up, especially if it’s your birthday!

Another perk of heading to the nightclub is the new people you can meet and the incredible atmosphere. After the COVID-19 pandemic and being locked at home, everyone is itching to get out there and meet and dance with new friends. The nightclub is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy yourself on your special day with old and new friends, especially after the past year and a half of being inside!

Day After

After partying the night away, make it a birthday weekend with a day after celebration. Breakfast restaurants or a bottomless boozy brunch make for a great time after a long night out. Keep the party going and head to your favorite breakfast or brunch place, order your favorite drink and meal, and hang out with your friends. Some of the best brunch spots in Minneapolis include the Union Rooftop, StepChild, and Aster Cafe. The Hi-Lo Diner is also a great spot for an old school style brunch after a fun night out. 

If you are feeling even more adventurous, find a drag brunch to party at the night after. This is a great time to catch up on last night’s shenanigans and maybe dance some more. The Union Rooftop puts together different themed drag brunches frequently, so check the schedule to see if anything lands on your birthday weekend. 

A birthday like no other

Regardless of your age, hitting the town on your birthday and celebrating is always a one of a kind time! Celebrate like you are turning 21 again or like you’re the last one to leave the dance floor and are the life of the party, which you are! You deserve to have the best birthday weekend ever and spend it the way you want to. 

There is no better opportunity than your birthday to do everything you love, like spending the day doing all of your favorite activities and hanging out with your best friends. Everyone loves an excuse to have a good time, so make an occasion out of your birthday. It’s your time to shine! However you choose to celebrate your birthday, we hope that this list makes your day just a little better.