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Hosting a brunch party

Hosting a brunch party

Who doesn’t love brunch? There is no better way to enjoy the weekend than with friends over some delicious food and a cup of strong coffee or a bubbly mimosa. Champagne brunch parties are always a lot of fun as it’s during the day, and then you still have the rest of the evening and afternoon to accomplish other tasks. It’s a win-win. So, where do you start? We compiled a whole list of inspirations for your next champagne brunch party ideas so you can wow your friends and have the best time ever.

Plan the menu out

Brunch might be a relaxed affair, but it can be pretty difficult to execute a successful brunch party last minute. It can be helpful to be meticulous about your brunch planning, especially when it comes to the menu. If you have a lot of people coming, it can be a heavy load and take a lot of time management to create a successful party. A reasonable timeline to follow is about a week ahead of your get-together. That way, you can get all of the necessary ingredients and have time to meal prep if possible.

Brunch doesn’t have to be super fancy but if you are looking for a set menu, think about

–       A carb dish like muffins or pancakes

–       A greens dish like salad

–       A meat or egg dish like scrambled eggs or eggs benedict

–       A sweet dish like waffles or cinnamon rolls

–       A fruit dish like berries or a fruit tart

Including a variety of food types will help ensure each guest has something to eat. Don’t forget about food allergies or food preferences like vegan dishes. And if you just want to have one larger, more simple dish with some simple snacks, that’s fine too. Remember, it’s brunch, not an entire formal dinner party, so don’t stress!

Don’t forget the coffee

We can all agree that the best part of any morning is coffee, and your brunch party must include it. The one tricky thing about coffee is everyone has their own unique way of drinking it. So how do you accommodate? Set up a coffee station! Include some different varieties of coffee like hot and iced with milk, milk alternatives, sugar, and creamer. It will take a lot of time off your hands too.


When people think of brunch, they typically think of bottomless mimosas, so what’s stopping you from bringing that vision to life? Whether it be cocktails and mocktails or an endless supply of mimosas, your brunch party won’t be complete without a finely curated drink. Since it’s brunch, you want to keep the drinks light and refreshing. Think fruity and lemon flavors with hibiscus lemon cocktails or a mimosa fleet. There can’t be a champagne brunch without champagne!

Don’t neglect the presentation of your drinks either. Just like plating your food to make it look amazing and appetizing, your drinks will come out looking incredible if you put thought into the presentation. Interesting cocktail glasses or cute and matching mugs for the coffee will take your brunch party to the next level. Even pair the drinks with matching coasters!

Presentation is key

There are so many possibilities for brunch décor and fun tableware. If the group is small enough, use your nice plates and get fancy. If it’s a big group, don’t be scared to use plastic or recyclable tableware. You can still have a lot of fun with this kind of tableware with all of the different colors and patterns it comes in.

Brunch themes

Making a brunch a themed event is all the rage these days. Think drag brunches and themed musical extravaganzas. Nothing is stopping you from forcing all your friends to show up dressed on theme. Plus, with last year’s lull, throwing a themed brunch event will make everyone smile. Some champagne brunch party ideas include Disney movies, birthday celebrations, holiday parties, or even dressing as your favorite 90’s musician if you want to go super niche. Opportunities are endless here when it comes to brunch themes. Just have fun with it!

Brunch is always a hit but thinking about the details is what makes brunch worth remembering. If you are hosting your next brunch party, get a head start. Think about the type of menu you want to host, the different food combinations, what kinds of drinks you want to do, what kind of coffee you want to supply, and how you want to decorate. It might seem like a lot, but once you get the ball rolling and ideas flowing, you’ll have the perfect brunch planned and executed in no time!