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The Birth of Elixirs: Unraveling the Mystery Behind the World’s First Cocktail

In mixology, one long-standing debate is yet to be settled: what was the first cocktail in the world? The cocktails we drink today have evolved significantly over the centuries. One fact remains true: modern concoctions we enjoy derive their identity from the history of cocktails worldwide. To uncover the history of cocktails, we must explore...

Pour Decades: A Spirited Journey Through the History of Bartending

February 24th is World Bartender Day, a day where we raise our glasses and take a moment to recognize how the bartending profession evolved over time into what it is today. From fermented beverages crafted by our ancient ancestors to snazzy modern beverages with quirky names, the history of bartending blends tradition with innovation, craft...

Spring Bourbon Cocktails to Sip and Enjoy in 2023

Bourbon keeps us cozy during our cold winters, so sometimes it’s easy to forget that this smooth, sweet spirit is also the perfect star for spring cocktails. But with sunnier weather on the way, it’s time to turn our attention to the light, refreshing, citrusy flavors of spring bourbon cocktails!  What Makes Bourbon Unique? Bourbon...

Best Hangover Cure Food Tips
March 16, 2023

You wake up on a Saturday morning with a throbbing headache as the remnants of last night slowly creep into your mind. Unfortunately, sometimes the best and wildest nights lead to the most dreadful mornings. We’ve all been there. When you’ve given your liver enough work to do from having one too many drinks, sometimes...

Why We Love March Madness
March 16, 2023

There are so many great sporting events in the world. Some of them, like the Olympics or the World Cup, come around on four-year rotational schedules. Some of them, like the Super Bowl, happen on one big night every year. But as great as those events are, they don’t quite match March Madness. There are...

Valentine’s Day 2023: Fun Things to Do with Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day can be kind of stressful. Even when your romantic partner is a super chill kind of person, they can get a little upset if you don’t at least make an effort to do something special on the day. And whether you’re a new couple or have been together for years, the pressure is...

Foam Party Essentials: A Complete Guide
January 20, 2023

History is full of great combinations. Laurel and Hardy, Fish and Chips, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Long Island and Iced Tea— these are just a few great combos. But a brilliant combination that doesn’t get talked about enough is the combo of Foam and a Dance Floor. The foam party has been a staple of...

Famous balls in history
December 12, 2022

Many iconic parties went down in history through the years, whether they were ancient roman parties or high society new york glamor extravaganzas. You can’t have a good party without the right tunes, booze, and snacks. But you can’t have an absolutely legendary party without life-sized desserts and extravagant outfits. These parties have been remembered...

Guilty Pleasure Songs: A Playlist We All Have

Whether you’re a heavy metal guy who has a secret love of a certain boy band or a hip hop head that can’t help but groove to some hair band’s power ballad, guilty pleasure music comes in many shapes and sizes. And if we’re being honest, everyone has some guilty pleasure songs. But how do...