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After party detox is a must! 
September 29, 2022

The last couple of days were an absolute blast! Going to late-night parties, attending a holiday celebration or party destinations with your friends, celebrating at home, or just having a little too much at dinner. You might have even spent the best night at the Love & Hip-hop star Spice concert or the Mayor of...

The Origin of the Happy Hour
August 9, 2022

It’s 5:15 PM on a Tuesday, and you’re finally done with a long day of work. You’re exhausted, and all you want is to hang with your friends over good food and drinks that won’t put a dent in your wallet. As you walk out to your car, you thank your lucky stars that there’s...

The Most Famous Charity Concerts
August 10, 2022

A concert for a cause holds power on so many levels for sparking change in the world. Charity concerts have been able to capture the hearts of people around the globe and instill hope and generosity in the public sphere. Before we cover the most notable charity concerts, let’s talk about what they are and...

Adventures In Nightlife
January 20, 2023

On average, a person spends more time on their mobile device than sleeping, checking their emails, or eating breakfast. Isn’t that crazy?! Think about all the time you spend on your phone that you can be doing almost anything else.  With technology consuming more and more of our world, it is important to experience and...

Plan Your Birthday Night Out On The Town
January 20, 2023

Your birthday weekend is coming up, and that means living it up and having the best time. Regardless of your age, you can still throw one hell of a party!  Birthdays for adults often become limited to a dinner out or eating dessert at work, but why not throw a birthday party the entire weekend...

Tips while booking your location for a private event

Your selection in the event venue space will significantly impact whether your guests will indeed have an enjoyable time at your occasion. There are plenty of specifics to consider when it comes to deciding what venue to choose, like layout, location, parking spaces, capacity, amenities, and in-house services, to name a few.  Googling “event venues...

Benefits of a corporate happy hour
January 20, 2023

Happy employees are the best employees. This means that activities like work happy hours are crucial to fostering coworker friendships and act as an effective investment for stronger partnerships and work.  Whether it’s celebratory champagne or a late-night old-fashioned, we know the benefits of balancing work and play. Having a happy hour with team members...

Where to go on a night out in Uptown Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis is not only a Prince hit song, but it’s also an amazing place to live. With its varied restaurants, clubs, and other attractions, people love calling this beautiful place home. While not an official Minneapolis neighborhood, the Uptown neighborhood is bordered by DuPont Avenue on the east and Bde Maka Ska Lake on...

Hosting a brunch party
January 20, 2023

Who doesn’t love brunch? There is no better way to enjoy the weekend than with friends over some delicious food and a cup of strong coffee or a bubbly mimosa. Champagne brunch parties are always a lot of fun as it’s during the day, and then you still have the rest of the evening and...

Halloween bar crawl in Minneapolis this October

The Pub Crawl Just got Scarier As Halloween descends upon us, the Halloween Bar Crawl in Minneapolis descends upon The Pourhouse Downtown. The Halloween Bar crawl is taking over the country on October 26th, and when it hits in Minneapolis, it kicking off The Pourhouse. Party people from coast to coast will be exploring their...

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