Masquerade Party for New Year’s Eve – Ring in 2019 with a luxurious extravaganza

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Masquerade Party for New Year’s Eve – Ring in 2019 with a luxurious extravaganza

Masquerade Party for New Year’s Eve – Ring in 2019 with a luxurious extravaganza

Festive, sensual, mysterious… and glamorously decadent. Life’s a mystery, so why not ring in 2019 as a sexy enigma yourself? Have you ever attended a real masquerade party? We are not talking about cheap Halloween costumes with tacky masks. We are talking about the real deal. Intricate, Venetian golden masks, flamboyant costumes, over the top decorations, and undeniable dancing that combine to make an event you’ll never forget. The best part is the sweet mystery of wondering who is behind the golden mask? In the era of the internet where it is hard to keep secrets, a little bit of mystery goes a long way. If you want to kickstart your New Year in an exceptional fashion – with glamorous attire and a fountain of flowing champagne – you’ve come to the right place. Channel your inner glam and live your masquerade fantasy! Here’s what to expect when you attend this extravaganza at The Pourhouse Uptown on New Year’s Eve. Reserved for party royalty only.

Consider your captivating costume

Go big or go home – it is one of the wildest nights of the year so you need to be properly dressed for it. Our dress code? When you think it’s enough – add a little more. A little more glitter or a little more lace then mix it with diamonds and red silk. All shades of red and gold are in the game so get creative! Gentlemen, don’t miss your chance to be the most daring version of yourself; the guy you’ve fantasized about being but haven’t tested out yet in public. Start with your best suit and choose a few extravagant details to up your game.

Maybe a textured pocket square that has a secret note in it or detailed cufflinks. Most importantly, don’t forget your mask. With endless options to choose from including gold leaf, lace trim, mosaics, or bejeweled or feathered features, discover which one reflects your inner seducer. Take some time and experiment with your makeup and mask. When the mask goes down – everyone will be dying to see the gorgeous face behind the mask. Commit to your fantasy this New Year’s Eve down to every detail, costume, hairstyle, and fantasy.

Tasty luxurious bites

The menu and cocktails for this evening are going to be decadent and delicious. Leave those resolutions for the next morning, you’ll have the entire year to live healthily. Tasty canapes with only the highest quality ingredients play a major role in the NYE palette we are providing. Enjoy smoked salmon, caviar and blini or spicy tuna rolls between dancing with your mysterious new partners. The food will be light and ooze with different flavors, bringing a dash of exotic to the masquerade party. (Nothing too messy or complicated to spoil your look for the evening, trust us.) Champagne is reserved for the midnight toast when all the masks go down. So spend the night with a drink in your hand of your own choosing: red or white wine, whiskey or gin, shots or cocktails. Choose your own adventure, folks. It’s a night for daring – better not forget your liquid courage.

Steamy atmosphere

Masquerades in Hollywood movies are common, sure, but that’s because they create tension and sensual conflict faster than any other dance scene could. Now you’ll get to feel the excitement and edge of danger as you move through the Pourhouse Uptown on New Year’s Eve. It’ll be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before – a once in the lifetime moment for the last moments of an unforgettable year. Smooth lights and baroque decorations … feathers, beads and epic standing ornate centerpieces will be throughout our Prohibition-themed bar. You will instantly have a feeling that you are in your own movie and the crowd has its own secret agenda behind their masked eyes. But whose eyes are watching you? Only time will tell…

Sexy Tunes & Vibes for the Masquerade Party

No party is complete without incredible music. Live music will be the highlight of the Pourhouse Uptown’s New Year’s Eve masquerade party. Building on our always amazing lineup of concerts, we will be hosting charismatic musicians who will ignite the night, keeping people on the dance floor all night long. From popular favorites to reimagined classics, to music just meant to keep the Masquerade Ball vibe burning, count on music that brings out your inner fearless self. Who are we expecting to be master of ceremonies? We will announce that soon!

Keep checking our social media for the announcement! Don’t hesitate to be a part of this unique luxury extravaganza. Reserve your tickets and get a first class experience. There are general admission and a VIP experience. Get to work on your mysterious mask as you celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of the rest of your life!