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Ladies Night Out – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ladies Night Out – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ladies share a special and unique bond with their girlfriends. Your girls are there for you when you need to spill the tea, cry your heart out, or party the stress of life away. Experts say that good friendships literally make you healthier – increasing your life span, boosting your immune system, and making you feel healthier as a whole. So basically, planning your next night off with your ladies is doctor-ordered – you better prioritize that party time! Yes, ladies know a thing or two about how to have a good time. We can party harder than a group of frat boys one night and cozy up with a movie and take out the next night. We are awesomely complicated creatures whose whims change and so should our activities!  And we have some amazing ideas, tried and true, to have the kind of night that fills up your heart and your Instagram feed.

Wine Tasting or “In Vino Veritas.” (That’s Latin for “Great ladies night out”)

Fine, we don’t actually speak Latin, but how could a night of wine tasting with your squad not be a great night out? You don’t need to be a wine expert to enjoy a quality glass of wine. You just need to explore the diverse world of wine flavors. There is so much more in that glass than just alcohol. The aroma…the taste…the satisfaction of holding a giant wine glass half-full of crimson power just like Cersei Lannister while you vent about Debbie at work who keeps asking you why you’re not married when you’re such a “looker.” You never know what you’ll find next in that beautiful glass! And when is the right time to try this? While you are out with your friends, of course. Explore the boundaries of your taste – you will find your match made in wine heaven (or cellar…whatever).

There’s a lot of options for a Wine Tasting. Novice level: Everyone brings a cheap bottle over to your house and enjoys saying “bouquet” and “aeration” as much as they want. Moderate level: Go to a local winery and learn something while also supporting local. Some warehouse liquor stores even do wine tastings in-store. Advanced level: Take a sommelier class together. Hey, if the Parks & Rec gang can get away with it, so can you.

Classy Cocktail night

Give yourself permission to get gorgeous for each other, ladies! Wear a great pair of shoes and a little black dress. Hit up the town, living your best bougie self, one cocktail at a time. High-quality and delicious cocktails (without the pressure of awkward first date talk) will make the perfect evening out. So take advice from ladies who know what they want  – organize a cocktail night for your ladies. Take plenty of photos and live your photoshoot fantasy together.

What is on the menu? Stick to cocktail classics that will give you just the right kick to have a great time. For us, classics mean Martinis, Manhattans, G&Ts, and Sidecars. With a Manhattan in your hand, your inner glamorous diva will take the wheel (not literally, obviously – this is a great night to have a sober cab). If you don’t want to stick to the classics and you want a different twist, we have something different for you. Have you heard of an Espresso Martini? A heavenly mix of great ingredients –  shot of espresso, chocolate vodka, Kahlúa liqueur, and a shaved chocolate garnish. Dessert in a super boozy drink? We’ll have two, thanks.

Stay Calm and Pull up Pinterest

How many of you have Pinterest boards of ideas that you’ve never attempted? (You’re all raising your hands now, right? So are we.) Well, grab some craft supplies on the way to your next girls night. Everyone can bring one project they want to attempt. BFFs and DIYs are a match made in heaven. If your project turns out, yas kween! Look at how creative, crafty, and resourceful you are! If it doesn’t, you’ll have a blast making jokes about that failed homemade tile coaster that looks like a kindergartener’s Mother’s Day present. Bonus: You could share your favorite new playlists with each other while you’re crafting and expand the soundtrack of your life.  

Dance the night away

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only – uh, definitely not 17. Is there anything better than losing yourself on the dance floor to your favorite songs? We don’t think so! Grab your girls and go to your favorite club where the DJ that you love is spinning. Jump up when you hear Bruno Mars getting remixed with old school Gaga then adding a Cardi B hook. Transport yourself to the land of rhythm and lose yourself to the groove. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and keep an eye out on each other while you’re out. Even more, don’t forget to dance battle with each other again! You know you used to. It’s time to reclaim your Dance Queen crown, Y’all!  

Live Music is for Living

You are never too old to attend a great concert. It could take you back to that oh-so-special ‘’teen rebel’’ era (Gawd Mom! it’s not a phase!). Whether it’s your favorite artist now, a former beloved artist from a different time of your life making the club rounds, or someone you’ve heard good things about but have never witnessed yourself – book those tickets! Concerts are filled with amazing energy that will keep you moving all night, singing along when you can, and being a part of the live art. Concerts are always an opportunity to meet new, interesting people that make for memorable stories. See where the night takes you when you join the music scene. Just like with wines and cocktails, you will discover more about yourself and your friends- and have a great time. Remember, good times equal good friendships, and good friendships promote healthier living! It’s in everyone’s best interest to book their next Ladies Night today.