Get down on Game Day-Make Any Given Sunday the best day

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Get down on Game Day-Make Any Given Sunday the best day

Get down on Game Day-Make Any Given Sunday the best day

Game Day is the best day of the week for a lot of us: being out with your crew, downing some beer, screaming at the television, and being a part of something larger than ourselves. Honestly, what’s better than celebrating a team win with a group of true fans? We bleed purple around here and know that a season like this year, when the Vikings have a chance at the playoffs, should be celebrated! So get off your couch, put on your best team gear, and get down to the Pourhouse! You don’t have to be at the US Bank Stadium to make a day of it. Sundays at the Pourhouse should be your new personal ritual. Let’s break down the perfect anatomy of a game day.

SKOL! Vikings game day essentials

Get ready to join in on Viking culture when you join us on Sundays. We’ve got Thirst Down happening at both the Pourhouse Downtown and the  Pourhouse Uptown on Vikings Game Days. There are really only two laws you must abide: 1. Wear Purple. We Minnesotans proudly sport purple to support both our favorite football team and our beloved hometown hero, Prince. If you don’t have a few purple options in your closet, we know you’re a transplant.  2. Yell “Skol!” whenever the opportunity arises. Field goal? SKOL! Touchdown? SKOL! Losing by 21 points and need to amp up your comrades? SKOL! What does SKOL mean? No one really knows, but we heard that “SKOL” essentially means “Dude!” in Norwegian. (Thanks, Daily Norseman.)  Dude! Let’s get another beer during the commercial break!

Kick-off means Drink-Off

We have a ton of Game Day drink specials to entice you sports-lovers to be on time for game viewing. First and foremost, are you ready? FREE BEER during the First Quarter. Free. That’s not at all. $15 bottomless Mimosas, Screwdrivers, and Bloody Marys until 1:00 pm Seriously, skip brunch, and replace that meal with a Bloody Mary. If your group is feeling extra celebratory, order up some mimosas and sip like the morning people you are. Chasing last night? Screwdrivers work best for that. But wait, one more game day drink special is on the menu: $2 Purple People Eater Shots. What’d we tell you about purple? We don’t mess around. And neither do these shots. Get to the important business of supporting your team on Game Day and belly up to the bar at The Pourhouse.

Keep up your strength: Eat up

Game Day appetizers have got to be our favorite genre of food. Check out the menu when you get here and put some apps in right away. Some of our regulars’ favorites are the Pourhouse Poutine, the John Daly Onion Rings, and the Buffalo Wontons. As for us, we choose the Loaded Totchos. That’s right! Nachos with tater tots as the main vehicle of deliciousness – Get into it. With all of the drinking and the ups and downs of a typical Vikings game, you better order some food to keep your head about you. We always have a limited brunch menu until 2:00 pm. It’s the game day food you deserve.

See the action.

Sure, you’re not at the Stadium a few blocks over, but with our gear, you’ll think you are. Our massive 25 foot HD projection screen and 50 TVs make us the best place to watch sports in the Twin Cities. We also have a state-of-the-art sound system with a DJ mixing music over commercial breaks to make the whole experience the Sunday party you need. Game Days are sacred and you should elevate yours out of the basement and into The Pourhouse.