Liquid Thursdays Downtown – Get your life with live music for the 18+ crowd

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Liquid Thursdays Downtown – Get your life with live music for the 18+ crowd

Liquid Thursdays Downtown – Get your life with live music for the 18+ crowd

Liquid Thursdays Downtown… because weekends are simply too short.

Why aren’t the weekends ever long enough? You work all week, have classes all week, have other responsibilities all week, and you never have enough time to blow off steam and have the kind of fun you should be having at this age! You’re still young – so why does adulting have you down?

Well, it sounds like you haven’t heard about Liquid Thursdays at The Pourhouse Downtown. START YOUR WEEKEND EARLY, Y’ALL.

Do Thursdays get you thirsty?

Every Thursday, we are hosting the Craziest College Party around, right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Together with our friends at Liquid Entertainment, Liquid Thursdays are the hottest place to be for everyone 18+ looking to party. Guarantee your admission by claiming (limited) free tickets at Liquid Entertainment. Cover for 18+ is $10 and 21+ is only $5. But bring those Government Photo IDs! Your student ID might get you plenty on campus, but at the front door of the Pourhouse, it won’t get you in. You know what your college ID will do for you at Liquid Thursdays? FREE DRINKS! Use it between 10 pm and midnight, and watch your night explode into shenanigans of the scholastic nature!  We’ve got specialty cocktails, delicious rail drinks, a sexy list of beer on tap, and the kind of live music that demands your presence on the dance floor.

The Dance floor will be full for our 18+ night

DJ Ron Ron will be spinning at Liquid Thursdays – meet you on the dance floor when the beat drops. He is one of the hottest DJs in town and has a unique sound that you won’t hear anywhere else. He combines eclectic EDM with your favorite hip hop and sneaks in sick beats you never saw coming. One-of-a-kind sound for this one-of-a-kind crowd in downtown Minneapolis! The Pourhouse is one of the best live music venues in town. Come see for yourself and feel the music through our award-winning sound system.

Grab your favorite people and quench your thirst at The Pourhouse. Dress code for Liquid Thursday is Dress to Impress. Sure, we are very impressed by your Goldie gear, but that’s not what we are going for this time. Liquid Entertainment says: No Sagging (pants must fit around waist,  have belt, and no adjustments), No Workwear/Work Boots, No Dirty Shoes, No Cargo Pockets, No Camo, No Hats/Caps, No Jackets or Hoodies (coat/hat check $3 available every event) No Plain Color Tees, No Muscle Shirts, No Oversized Clothing, No Athletic Wear, No Joggers, and No Ripped/Dirty Clothing. Friday night partying is too mainstream – start the favorite part of your week a little early this time. (Trust us, you can fake your way through Friday.)

The Craziest College Party around… Liquid Thursdays Downtown

And you won’t have to clean up afterward or explain to your mad roommate what happened last night. The Pourhouse and Liquid Entertainment are determined to give you a Thursday night that feels better than Saturday. Meet people outside your dorm, program, or school for once! Minneapolis is the hottest city in the cold and we want to show you what the nightlife has to offer. Get dressed and come on down to the Pourhouse Downtown for Liquid Thursdays!