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Karaoke and spice and everything nice
January 20, 2023

When we go out on weekends, what do we like to do? We grab dinner and drinks with friends. Maybe catch a game. In the warm summer months, many of us travel to the lake for some boating and bonfires. No matter what we get into, we want to be doing something. Not just sitting...

Your Guide To Cabaret
January 20, 2023

Cabaret is timeless and a classic. While you may know it from the 1966 musical or the 1972 hit film, it actually originated in Paris, France.  Cabaret is a form of theatrical entertainment full of dancing and performance. Burlesque shows are also unique and often overlap with cabaret.  This article will touch on where cabaret...

Why people go to bars
January 20, 2023

At the end of a long day, many of us like to unwind with friends for a few cocktails and some live music. It can be relaxing and exciting, but above all, it’s quality time spent with the people whose company makes us feel good. Sometimes we gather at house parties. Other times we hit...

VIP Bottle Service
January 20, 2023

You see bottle service and immediately think of excess, wealth, and a good time. From Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between, you can find an experience known as bottle service. But what exactly is it? This article will cover the ins and outs of bottle service and what you need to know...

Some Shitty Thanksgiving – but in a good way

Some Shitty Thanksgiving @ The Pourhouse Uptown. Ultimate Thanksgiving Eve Party is waiting. 2923 Girard Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408 Thanksgiving Eve is a rock solid tradition. It’s also the biggest drinking night of the year. Some people call it “Black Wednesday”, some the “holiday before the holiday”, but everyone knows it as the shitshow...

Getting the Led Out… and the Clothes Off
December 14, 2021

The burlesque show meets Led Zeppelin… Clash of the titans only at The Pourhouse. Getting the Led Out… and the Clothes Off The world is full of combinations that didn’t make sense at first but turned out to be perfectly matched. We have chocolate and peanut butter, chicken and waffles, chilli and cinnamon rolls, and,...

Steps to Living Your Best Life as a Karaoke Star

Nothing’s quite as fun or intimidating as a Karaoke night. A great crowd singing along to a popular hit or a cult classic can make anyone feel like a star, but getting up in front of a bunch of strangers can be scary. What if you don’t know the song you picked as well as...