Steps to Living Your Best Life as a Karaoke Star

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Steps to Living Your Best Life as a Karaoke Star

Steps to Living Your Best Life as a Karaoke Star

Nothing’s quite as fun or intimidating as a Karaoke night. A great crowd singing along to a popular hit or a cult classic can make anyone feel like a star, but getting up in front of a bunch of strangers can be scary. What if you don’t know the song you picked as well as you thought? What if you can’t hit the notes as well as you did when you were singing in the shower? These tips will help you make sure you get the most out of your karaoke night.

Know How to Use the Equipment

It seems so simple — hold the mic and it makes you loud. But putting the microphone too close or not close enough can either distort your sound or make you completely inaudible to most of the bar. Hold the mic perpendicular to your mouth and don’t put it so close that you look like you’re eating an ice cream cone. This will make sure your voice is at least audible. And once you can be heard, the host can adjust the volume to make sure you’re coming through loud and clear to your soon-to-be adoring public. As an extra assist, some places like The Pourhouse Uptown even offer an autotune option to help you make sure that you aren’t just heard, you’re in tune.

Know the Song You Want to Sing on the Karaoke Night

The words are on the screen so you don’t have to have the song you like totally memorized, but some songs have longer guitar solos than you may realize or repetitive choruses or incredibly difficult verses. It’s a good idea to consider these things when making your selection. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick the songs you love, but be prepared. If your song repeats the same phrase for a minute or two as it ends, you can always stop before the audience loses interest. If your song has a long instrumental break, you can attempt some banter or do a little dance. Just don’t let yourself be surprised. You want everyone to enjoy your guilty pleasure as much as you do — and an ounce of preparation is worth a bucket load of applause.

Loosen Up – you are a Karaoke Star!

Karaoke nights are at bars for a reason. Have a drink, for Pete’s sake! Most karaoke nights will feature drink specials. The Pourhouse Uptown is no exception, with 2-4-1 deals on drinks and food — not to mention the free drinks you can get when you bring your birthday party out to celebrate with you. Let yourself relax! You’re there to have fun, after all. Which leads to the most important tip.

Enjoy Yourself

Everyone wants to sound good, but karaoke isn’t about perfection. It’s about fun. If you love the song you’re singing and you’re having a good time, the audience will pick up on that vibe. A positive attitude can do more for performance than pristine vocals any day of the week. That’s why Pourhouse Uptown calls their karaoke night Off-tune Tuesday. You don’t need to be the next American Idol. You just need to be ready for a good time with like-minded folks and some great specials on Absolut and more. So clear your throat and get yourself Uptown to make this coming Tuesday the best karaoke night of your life.