Getting the Led Out… and the Clothes Off

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Getting the Led Out… and the Clothes Off

Getting the Led Out… and the Clothes Off

The burlesque show meets Led Zeppelin… Clash of the titans only at The Pourhouse. Getting the Led Out… and the Clothes Off

The world is full of combinations that didn’t make sense at first but turned out to be perfectly matched. We have chocolate and peanut butter, chicken and waffles, chilli and cinnamon rolls, and, most recently and deliciously, burlesque and the music of Led Zeppelin. Everyone knows Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest rock bands that ever existed. Their music is full of powerful hooks and incredible guitar and drum solos. What people forget sometimes is that their songs could be sexy. That’s where the Pourhouse and the world of burlesque come in.

Tastefully Tittilating

Burlesque performance has something of a bad reputation in some circles. There are people out there that will try to convince you that it’s just a skin show with no merit whatsoever. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. While burlesque shows frequently feature stripteases and an irreverent view of sex and sexuality, what people often miss is the humor and wit inherent in burlesque. After all, burlesque parody has been a style of performance where serious business and art is ridiculed. This is done with over the top and bawdy humor since at least the 17th century!

Modern burlesque show

Modern burlesque in America evolved out of vaudevillian variety shows and feature irreverent wit and puns (the highest form of humor) in addition to the sexy and provocative dancing that most people think about nowadays when they hear the word. But modern burlesque isn’t just sexy—it’s empowering. Minneapolis based artists like Sweetpea and Deeva Rose aren’t just amazing performers, they show their audiences how amazing it can be to revere their bodies and how much joy can come from celebrating who they are and the skin they live in. And in the burlesque community, body-positivity isn’t just a buzzword. One of the first things The Rose Academy of Burlesque teaches is that all bodies are burlesque bodies. 

The burlesque performance will excite and titillate you, to be sure. But it will also show you what you could be if you allowed it. You too can connect to your body, your desires, and your inner strength and sexiness. And that’s exactly why Led Zeppelin makes a great soundtrack to a modern burlesque show. Good thing that’s exactly what’s coming to the Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis.

Take the Led Off

Featuring an all-star line-up of burlesque talent from around the world, Take the Led Off: A Burlesque Tribute to Led Zeppelin is going to blow the roof off the Pourhouse. Furthermore, this won’t be your average burlesque show. By combining the power of brilliant burlesque performers with the mighty music of the Hammer of the Gods, a recipe for mind-blowing and eye-popping entertainment has been prepared for your perusal. You won’t know whether to stand up and cheer or drop to your knees in awe.