Some Shitty Thanksgiving – but in a good way

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Some Shitty Thanksgiving – but in a good way

Some Shitty Thanksgiving – but in a good way

Some Shitty Thanksgiving @ The Pourhouse Uptown. Ultimate Thanksgiving Eve Party is waiting.

2923 Girard Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Thanksgiving Eve is a rock solid tradition. It’s also the biggest drinking night of the year. Some people call it “Black Wednesday”, some the “holiday before the holiday”, but everyone knows it as the shitshow that begins the holiday season. Long lost friends and acquaintances collide for this one magical night. But how did Thanksgiving Eve become the unofficial holiday of the booze imbiber? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we all get so excited about the day before the day.

Most of us have the day off. Ideal for Thanksgiving eve party

This has been changing a bit over the past two decades, but historically, the only people forced to work on Thanksgiving were the people who slept on their time-off requests at the gas station. If you worked at a movie theater, you might have to show up by 7pm. These days, stores are opening earlier and earlier, and Black Friday calls on employees in the middle of their meals, but most of us still have the day off. In fact, the Thanksgiving Eve party kicks off a fairly universal four-day weekend for most in the US. It’s the one long weekend we can confidently scratch out of our planners each year, and we want to make the most of it.

Every friend you ever had is home for the holidays

There are few times in life when everyone you knew in your childhood descends upon your hometown. High school reunions are a possibility. Thanksgiving is guaranteed. It kicks off the holiday season and is the one, celebrated US holiday that transcends race and religion. It’s simply about being thankful for all that we have. It’s about food, family, and comfort. We can all get behind that. 

But, for some reason, we inherently know that sampling a few cocktails on Wednesday makes spending Thursday in a food coma with the fam just a little bit easier. It can start this reflective holiday on the right foot, as long as you choose a great location and great people. Luckily for you, we’ve got that covered. Round up a solid crew, and grab a few drinks at the Pourhouse Uptown to take the edge off.

No one really wants to entertain the night before Thanksgiving


Creating a Thanksgiving meal can be one of the most exhausting kitchen tortures we invite upon ourselves in life. Chances are, you (or Grandma) spent half the week prepping, and the last thing you want to create on Wednesday is a mess. You want to get everyone out of the house. When choosing a destination, you want a place that treats you and your friends like family. The Pourhouse Uptown is happy to host! It’s located in the heart of Minneapolis’ beautiful Uptown district, so you can expect a great time with friends, old and new. The energy of the area always carries over, and provides turkey-tackling fuel for the entire weekend. 

Thanksgiving brings the best respite from a night out

This one is easy. What’s better than a day off at the end of an epic bar night? Well, a day off, gorging on comfort foods is better. Three more vacation days after that is like dumping gravy over the whole thing. We’ve even invented an excuse as to why we’re all worn out. It was the turkey. While recent studies have shown that turkey doesn’t actually take that much out of you, we can still blame the turkey. When we’ve built in such a foolproof recovery plan, it’s a shame not to grab that unicorn by the horn.

The tradition of it all

Holidays bring all kinds of traditions for all kinds of folks. You’ve got parties that only happen once a year, but happen like clockwork. A good neighborhood bar knows the importance of tradition, and is sure to provide top-notch entertainment that makes us want to come back year after year. It’s a great comfort that makes the chaos of the holiday season easier to digest.

Thanksgiving is the great American holiday, and Thanksgiving Eve is the pre-party. Why not spend yours drinking festive Thanksgiving drinks at Some Shitty Thanksgiving? Some Shitty Cover Band will entertain the whole crew with two-for-ones from 9-11pm. While you’re thinking about it, mark next year’s calendar and make The Pourhouse Uptown a tradition.