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Time for a girls night out

Time for a girls night out

Remember girl’s nights out? Getting dressed up with your best friends in your favorite outfits? Going bar crawling, dancing, and staying out until 3 am to order late-night pizza? What a blast that was!

Ladies’ night out shouldn’t be a distant memory anymore. As everything starts to go back to normal, let’s pick up right where we left off with finding ways to have a blast. So if you’re ready for a good time—you deserve it! Grab a few of your fellow besties and let them know you’re planning a ladies’ night! 

This article will give you some unique ideas on how to plan an awesome girl’s night out, and we can finally answer the pressing question – what really happens on a girls’ night out?

Ideas for a girls night out

Now let’s see some of our all-time favorites for a perfect girls’ night out after the pandemic. 

Hit up a fancy cocktail bar

Take a break away from your favorite dive bar. Instead, check out a fancy-schmancy cocktail bar. 

Dress up in your favorite outfit you’ve pushed far into the back of your closet, take cute pictures with your friends, and drink delicious cocktails made from scratch. 

And don’t worry, feel free to hit the dive bar after. Nothing is stopping you!

Bowling is fun

Do you know what’s still fun? Bowling. Especially when it’s with your best girls on a friends’ night out. 

Plenty of places host “adult” bowling (drinks included) with themed nights, so make a whole night out of it. 

Start the night off at one of your favorite restaurants, and then head over to a bowling alley and game the night away.

Catch a girls’ night out show

Plenty of local bars host some fantastic shows. For example, head to The Pourhouse and check on their events. You will find something for everyone! Amazing shows, concerts, everything you missed so badly during the pandemic is in one place.

Wine tasting party

While this isn’t exactly a girls’ night out, it’s still a chance to have a blast. A perfect option for a more relaxed friend group, grab a bunch of cheap bottles of wine and sit around with your friends doing your own personal taste test. Bonus points if you say fancy things like rich notes of black cherry.

Karaoke sing-off

Hit your favorite karaoke spot and belt your favorite song—a perfect way to let off some steam after a long year of quarantine. Kick back with your favorite friends and sing your favorite tunes. It’ll be a girls’ night out you will never forget.

See a comedy show

Before there were podcasts that cracked you up, there was the old-fashioned comedy club. These shows are usually pretty cheap, but the laughs are guaranteed and far from old-fashioned. Sometimes the talent and jokes are kind of a hit-or-miss, but in a way, that makes it even more fun.

Be a roller girl

Put on your favorite hot pants and take a stroll under the disco ball with your friends for an 80’s style night.

Throw it back with a ‘90/’00s dance party

Check your local clubs and event spaces to see the next time they’re hosting a themed night for a nostalgic dance party with your best friends. Remember to find quotes to match the theme and find an authentic 90’s makeup tutorial.

Hit the casino

You might turn your head at a casino night, but they can actually be really fun for a spot to drink, people watch, and maybe win some money (emphasis on maybe).

Booze cruise

If you are by a body of water and have an opportunity to get on a boat, in a canoe, or on any other water toy, we highly recommend you don’t pass it up so you can enjoy a wonderful booze cruise. A great time to spend outside and definitely makes for some hilarious stories.


Girls’ night out outfits

After picking where to go for the night, the first question is what to wear on a girls’ night out. Obviously, it depends on location, but while you may want to go full-on dress up, which you definitely can and should if you want to, make sure you are comfortable! 

No one wants to wake up the next day with blisters all over. So while your first instinct may be to throw on your highest heels, think about where you are heading for the night and how much walking you might do. 

Trust us when we say that you will have even more fun when you have comfortable shoes!

An amazing night

The options are endless when you’re with your best friends. Make sure you reward yourself after a grueling year and hit the town! Wherever you go, whatever you do, having fun with your friends at a girls’ night out will be a blast!