Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Post-Covid

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Post-Covid

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Post-Covid

Bachelor parties were put on pause this past year with many turning to virtual parties and some completely canceled. As the world starts to slowly open, many are resuming their gatherings with caution.

So how can you throw the best bachelor party but still remain safe? This article will give you some tips and tricks on throwing a safe and fun bachelor party with friends and family. No one said that you have to put having fun on hold, especially now!

Timeline of your Bachelor Party

First, keeping a traditional timeline was upended due to COVID. There’s no reason that your bachelorette party needs to keep to a specific schedule, especially with all of the different restrictions and vaccines differing state-to-state. 

Throw out the traditional timeline and pick whatever works best for you. Schedule your bachelor party for a timeline that works best for you regardless of whether that is before or after the wedding. You could even do a joint bachelor party with your partner and their friends to condense the gatherings. Your friends will want to celebrate with you whenever you decide to throw the party!

Avoid the Big Guest List

Even as COVID begins to die down, you still need to keep in mind that everyone will have different feelings and preferences when it comes to large gatherings. 

The way to avoid a lot of dilemmas is to keep the guest list small. The guest list can be trimmed with increased thoughtfulness and attention to detail like thinking about friends who are not high risk or are vaccinated.


Obviously, the usual bachelor itinerary won’t exactly be possible with COVID. Before the pandemic, you never knew what sorts of twists and turns could arise at bachelor parties or where the night would take you. However, reading the room is extremely important during a pandemic. Hosting a party, you need to have an understanding of everyone’s comfort levels and come up with a plan from there. 

You don’t have to stick to the traditional itinerary of bar hopping. In fact, you can pick a safe and fun bar to either start or end the night that has multiple different activities within it. The Pourhouse in Minneapolis, for example, has a sports night and plays some awesome music, so you can get a variety during the night in one place.

You can also plan an outdoor excursion like hiking, stargazing, or sailing. Instead of traveling to multiple locations and bar hopping, really narrow down a tight itinerary of one or two spots that your guests are comfortable with.

Renting a house

A party house is a big bachelor tradition. But with COVID, it probably isn’t the best idea to shove a large group into one house. If you want to gather your friends for a stay, select a handful of best friends and rent a house in a secluded or outdoor area. 

Try to ensure that each guest has their own room instead of doubling up so everyone has ample space and comfort during this time. You can also require each person to get tested or prove vaccination before gathering to make sure the gathering is completely safe for everyone.

The traditional budget of bachelor parties

With COVID and holding a smaller gathering, it opens up the opportunity to allocate your expenses to different areas. For example, instead of hiring a photographer or holding a bachelor party photoshoot, buy some disposable cameras for the group to use throughout the night.

It’ll be much more casual and you’ll have unique photographs to look back on later on.


To make the smaller event more special, think through the bachelor party decorations. If you are renting out a house, customize the décor to your name or get customized liquor bottles to spice up the night. You could even get bachelor party shirts made special for the bash for everyone to wear and then do a film camera photoshoot.

With the extra budget you are saving from not going bar hopping, you can stock up on delicious wines, high-end liquor options and get very classy with the cocktail recipes. Then have that one bar night where you can really ball out on drinks and appetizers.

Normal Bachelorette Party Swag

Traditionally, bachelor party swag is full of matching shirts or sashes. If the party is more pared down, you can invest in cozier merchandise that your guests will use for years to come like sweats, sweatshirts, or even robes.

Think about it – ending the night in matching robes smoking cigars. That’s iconic.

Safety of bachelor parties

Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on sanitizers and masks and bring them with you. Even with the threat of COVID lessening, many places have different rules and restrictions. Don’t forget to check in with the bars or restaurants you plan to attend prior to going to make sure they have room and allow bigger groups.

All in all, a bachelorette party can be held safely during COVID just as long as you plan out the night, safe about testing, narrow down the guest list size, and ensure safety requirements are met for wherever you are going. Many bars are more than accommodating to ensure you have the best night ever, just check in with them!

Just remember, this night is to celebrate you and your upcoming marriage. Do what feels right for you but don’t forget to keep your guests’ safety and comfort in mind, too. All of these tips will lead to a successful and fun bachelor party.