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Fantasy Football Season is here!

Fantasy Football Season is here!

Fantasy Football Season is here! The NFL has changed for the season but that doesn’t mean we have to 

While we are still dealing with the new changes to our beloved professional sports, there’s one thing that doesn’t have pandemic-rules… Fantasy Football. 

For some of us, the best season of them all is under way! FANTASY FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE AGAIN!!! From the obsessive checking of rankings and players to the sometimes frustrating and other times fulfilling last-minute changing of matchups, Fantasy Football can become a nonstop habit that fills your NFL season. But it should be more than a habit – you should soak up the social aspects and fun competitive nature of your league! If you want to make this season the best ever for you and your league, we’ve got some ideas for you. 

1. Host your Draft Party at your favorite Pourhouse. 

Get into the spirit and take your draft seriously. Call in to reserve your space and get treated like football gods all night long. You will get exclusive specials with food and all Budweiser products. We will provide you with a draft board, a swag bag, and a $20 gift card to use the next time you’re at the Pourhouse. We are offering this to Fantasy Football drafters at both Pourhouse sites, Downtown and Uptown. Honestly, there’s no reason NOT to at this point! 

There are too many live events that have been taken from us – might as well go hard on something you love. Make an event out of it! It will heighten the buy-in for your team and make the start of your season even more exciting. Better than sitting behind a computer screen (like you probably do all day long), you can keep the Budweiser pouring and let the trash-talking begin! 

  1. Mid-Season Awards Are a Must 

Take it from us – It’s easy for some league-ers to phone it in once they start losing. Friends do the bare minimum with their team if they think they can’t win the big prize at the end. So keep everyone all-in the whole way through by creating a Prize Schedule throughout the whole season. It will boost morale and spice up your league’s week to week smack talk. 

Keep the standard winnings as expected – the top three teams get a cash prize – but let’s come up with some other categories: 

  • “Comeback Kid Award” – Most wins from behind heading into a Monday night game 
  • “Best Worst Team”- You got it, the worst record of the season 
  • “Dream Dasher” – A team that is out of playoff contention that derails another actual playoff team’s shot 

Adding more awards makes the season better for more league members, ups the ante for more levels of competition, and gives you a great reason to….

3. Perhaps a Super Bowl Banquet is in the cards for you 

Fantasy Football was socially distant before it was even cool. So we know that the bulk of League life happens on our phones, so it’s important to bring some life to the season. Just like we think a Live draft party is worth your time, closing out your season with some cocktails and awards sounds like just the thing to spice up your Fantasy Football season. It’s a great excuse to create trophies for all of these specialized awards your league is using, as well as get together to celebrate the season and enjoy the spoils of war (football). Adding new awards and actual get-togethers will make your league more entertaining in the long run. 

4. Have a Draft Lottery 

Take a page out of the mothership itself, and bring some NFL drama to your draft! Whether you choose ping-pong balls, website help like Draft Pick Lottery, or just pull names out of a hat, the big goal here is to create another hook that will rile up all the owners in your league before the season begins. If you can’t get everyone in the same place for a live draft, there are social media platforms that can help you with this. If your group has a Facebook page or does Google Hangout, use those tools to make your draft lottery fun. A computer generating a number 5 minutes before your turn is not fun. Adding some flair to your draft is. 

Want extra fun? Make it a snake draft. Once that wild order is established, instill Snake Draft which immediately reverses the order. If there are nine members of your league, it would go 1-9, and then immediately 9-1. 

5. Ban Kickers 

Fantasy football typically recreates a full team roster. Sure, owners have requirements (QB, 5 receivers, a kicker, and a defense). But nobody plays fantasy football to create a full team roster – they play to beat friends and get bragging rights. There’s literally no reason to draft kickers. They have different scoring systems and there is almost no strategy in drafting them. Consider this: all 21 kickers who played 16 games last year averaged 5.69 and 9.68 fantasy points per game. This means, the best and the worst kickers of the game made about the same impact as the best and the second-best running back. So they don’t really matter. 

The other side of this is: the randomness of kickers provide a lot of fun to fantasy football. Why not have a crapshoot for one aspect of your league?  

It’s time to reclaim your social life and Fantasy Football is an amazing way to do just that. Upgrade your draft party with us and kick off the season memorably. Tens of millions of Americans play it and if we were betting types, we think even more will join this virtual pastime this season. Book at your favorite Pourhouse today!