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Every Weekend Is Reserved for The Pourhouse

Every Weekend Is Reserved for The Pourhouse

Saturday night comes with a lot of pressure. You want to get out and do something unforgettable and legendary but you don’t want to do the same thing every week. You can only listen to the same five songs on the jukebox that some places call a “dance night” for so long before you go crazy from the repetition. If only there was an amazing bar with great drink specials that switched things up with great DJs from around the country, live music, burlesque, and big-time comedians…

Oh, wait. There is. It’s The Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis.


Funny You Should Mention Saturday Nights


There are always events happening in Minneapolis, but the funniest and sexiest events happen at the Pourhouse. Where else can you see the curvaceous and bodacious ladies of The Rose Academy of Burlesque on the same night as Aries Spears? Nowhere!

Aries Spears needs no introduction. From his time on MAD TV and his appearances in movies, on late night and prime time TV, and his comedy specials he’s a top name in stand-up comedy and he’s coming into Minneapolis to the Pourhouse. If you’ve heard his podcast or seen him on TV, you owe it to yourself to get to one of his sets.

Of course, on the same night, one of the most popular events the Pourhouse throws every year is happening—The Rose Academy of Burlesque and Cake Plus-Size Resale present Take It Off: A Fat Burlesque Review. Featuring nationally renowned performers from all over the country and the talented and enthusiastic local students from The Rose Academy, this show is not to be missed. You’ll be blown away by the erotic thrills and radical positivity this show brings out. 


Saturday Nights in Minneapolis are for Rocking Out

There’s something incredible about a good, old-fashioned rock show. If you’re looking for concerts in Minneapolis, the Pourhouse has you covered. Do you want an energetic, irreverent band to melt your face off with rock, punk, and pop? That’s exactly what Quarter Life Crisis does every time they take the stage. Every. Single. Time. 

But they aren’t the only band that’s coming to The Pourhouse . Some Shitty Cover Band will be proving at least one part of their name is a blatant lie on the Pourhouse stage as well. A combination of members of popular Minneapolis bands, SSCB will show you how incredible a cover band can be when they join High Style Kyle for a Sh*tshow like you’ve never seen before.


Dance The Night Away

You can’t talk about a Minneapolis Saturday night without talking about the Sh*tshow. The Pourhouse brings in the best DJs in the Cities and in the country to make every Saturday unforgettable. Some of the Saturday Sh*tshow DJs in November are DJ Dudley D, DJ Beasey, and High Style Kyle. And if you want to go even harder, you can go to Hard Dance MN presents: Accelerate. Lil Texas and NTXC—both from LA—will show you what it means to go hard. 


The Biggest Saturday Night in Minneapolis

There’s not a single venue, a single dance club, or a single bar that can compare to The Pourhouse in Downtown Minneapolis. The Pourhouse’s calendar may as well be the official Minneapolis Nightlife Calendar. There’s something happening at The Pourhouse pretty much every day and every Saturday in November is especially packed with action. Don’t get stuck listening to the same songs or getting into a rut every weekend. Get to The Pourhouse and make every Saturday a legendary, unforgettable night.