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Masquerade dance at the Hideout

Masquerade dance at the Hideout

Hide Your Face and Show Your Moves

Masquerade dance party: take our hand and let’s begin

There’s no reason to wait until the 31st to have an amazing Halloween party. The Hideout at the Pourhouse is hosting an incredible night of mystery and dance that will get your body moving and put your Halloween spirit into overdrive. With your mask on, no one will know who you are, so even if you’re the center of attention you’ll be free to dance like no one’s watching. And with some of the best DJs in the Twin Cities, you will definitely want to get out on the floor and move.

One of the best things about an early masquerade dance party is that it gives you a chance to try out your costume early in the season. So many people will plan and fret about their costumes for weeks if not months and then they only get to wear them once. Why work so hard for a costume you’ll only wear once? 

Costume party ideas for adults

Of course, not everyone is a planner. If you want to get in on the fun but haven’t figured out what to wear just yet, here are some masquerade Halloween costume ideas that you can put together quickly and still look good.

Check your closet. Do you still have a prom dress or clothes that have fallen out of fashion? Do you have formal wear that you’ve forgotten about? Combining those outfits with a simple mask that you can find at any party/Halloween supply store can create a character that has emerged from the past to throw down at the Masquerade. 

Of course, vampires never go out of style. Whether you have some leather pants and a corset tucked away somewhere or if you have an ensemble that simply requires a cape—which is never easier to buy than this time of year— in order for you to serve some Count-Dracula-Realness, making yourself up to be a blood-sucking, sexy undead monster is simple and always en vogue. Add some make-up to give yourself a pale look, and you’re good to go.

Another great way to go is to find an unexpected twist on a classic Halloween tradition. Instead of dressing as a superhero, you can have a shirt with that hero’s logo on it underneath a jacket or button-up shirt. Tell anyone who asks that they caught you mid-transformation. Wordplay is also fun—a cereal killer costume will always get a few chuckles after all. 

The Perfect Playlist at The Pourhouse Hideout

Once you know what you’re wearing, get ready to move in the perfect room for a Masquerade. The Hideout at the Pourhouse keeps the lights low and mysterious with plenty of fog to take the atmosphere to the next level. You’ve never experienced anything quite like the intimate, sexy ambiance of the Hideout. Plus, the DJs like Dance Agenda’s Leo Himself will be playing their own spins on Halloween music—don’t expect to hear the same old Halloween songs for parties over and over again. The Nocturnal: Masquerade Party will feature drink specials and no cover charge. It’s going to be the biggest party in Minneapolis. Don’t miss it.