#PourhouseLIVE has summer shows you want to see

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#PourhouseLIVE has summer shows you want to see

#PourhouseLIVE has summer shows you want to see

The hottest live summer shows in Minneapolis are here -#PourhouseLIVE!

FOMO is real. You don’t want to let your best life pass you by. Summer is here! So its time for making memories that will last a lifetime is now. The best way to do that? Set those new memories to new music at The Pourhouse. 

The hottest acts in Minneapolis and from around the country are hitting our stage this summer.  Because there’s no better way to discover new acts to expand your playlist than by seeing what they can do live with a hot crowd in front of them. Every concert is a new opportunity to expand your horizons. Give yourself a unique memory to share with your friends! From acts putting a new spin on classic songs from when you were a kid to up and coming stars to musicians blending genres for a new sound… You know #PourhouseLive has it all.

The hottest live summer shows in Minneapolis…let’s start!

The boy band craze of the 90s may be over, but we can all admit that those songs were legit bops, right? Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees has taken the guilt out of your guilty pleasures by putting together Overnight. By putting their own irreverent spin on the pop hits you know and love, Jeff Timmons and Overnight breathe new life into the boy band genre. You already know all the words. Therefore, come out and live it up listening to some of the greatest earworms that ever topped the charts.

R&B and Neo Soul live summer shows in Minneapolis

If you want to get in on the ground floor with some of the newest R&B and Neo Soul Minneapolis has to offer, you won’t want to miss Kelz Musik or Rey Ross. Kelz blends his influences together to make a fresh, uplifting sound that’ll get you dancing. After that it get you feeling yourself, and get you feeling the love. Rey Ross comes at R&B from a slightly different angle. As a producer and songwriter, he pushes the envelope with his beats and harmonies. As a DJ, he spins an energetic, generation-spanning set that will get you up and moving. 

Boasting one of the most unique and interesting sounds in the Twin Cities, Vision Pains brings rich yet tasteful instrumental arrangements and full-bodied, powerful vocals to the Pourhouse stage. Blending their history as an edgy rock group to the world of acoustic folk-inspired fusion, Vision Pains will give you a night you’ll never want to forget.

And the best thing is… this is only the beginning…

Finally, these acts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great music you can experience at the Pourhouse. Liquid Thursdays, live DJ sets, and album release parties happen regularly throughout the summer and beyond. The Pourhouse in Downtown Minneapolis is the best place in town to see new acts. You can rediscover your favorite childhood music, and — most importantly— get your butt moving on the dancefloor. After all, when you come to a #PourhouseLIVE show, you never have to fear that you’ll miss out because you’ll already be where the best memories are made.