Dance the night away: treat yourself on Valentine’s Day

Dance the night away: treat yourself on Valentine’s Day

Dance the night away: treat yourself on Valentine’s Day

As we approach February 14th, a question that pops up in everyone’s minds is how they will be spending their Valentine’s Day, a holiday that is enjoyed by few and suffered through by many. Valentine’s Day – the time to celebrate the people you love. So why not celebrate yourself? Obviously, the holiday is more well known for couples spending the day together, going to dinner, and buying each other gifts, but it can also be about treating yourself on valentine’s day, especially if you are single this year!

There are many ways to celebrate a single Valentine’s Day and treat yourself, whether that is with your friends or completely solo. This article will provide you with a variety of fun activities to do with your besties or on your own that will have you thrilled about your single life on this love-filled holiday.

How to celebrate And treat yourself on valentine’s day?

You should love yourself every day, but why not take this Valentine’s Day to love yourself a little bit more than usual?

Self-love is really underrated, especially when everyone is focused on finding true love in someone else. Self-reflection is often just a fleeting thought around Valentine’s Day. However, being single can open the doors to exploring your wonderful personality. You can spend the day doing activities and passions that you enjoy, whether that be dancing, drinking with friends, or relaxing.

Take yourself to a movie

While this may sound a little bit sad, we promise it isn’t. It’s a great activity to do solo because you don’t have to compromise on seating in the theater. The world is basically your oyster. You can take yourself to the movies at any time because it is only on your time. You don’t have to share your snacks and can enjoy the movie in peace and quiet without the annoyance of making conversation.

Dance it out

You don’t need to have a dancing partner to go dancing. In fact, it’s best to dance with your best friends. Grab your single group of friends and hit the town to show off your killer dance moves. This is a great opportunity to let loose and forget about all the worries this holiday can bring. 

There are so many ways to treat yourself on valentine’s day. Treat yourself on Valentine’s day and hit up your favorite bar like the Pourhouse, even order some bottle service to celebrate! Bottle service is a great way to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day because it is something that is unique and can make for a one-of-a-kind time.

After a couple of delicious drinks, you will be having the time of your life dancing with your friends. The holiday is about love, and what is more self-love than dancing on valentine’s day with your best friends. You never know, you could find a new connection at the bar while dancing, if that’s something you are looking for.

Throw an anti-valentine’s day party

Nothing screams encouragement for singles on valentine’s day than throwing an anti-valentine’s day party. There are many fun valentine’s day party ideas, but we think throwing anti valentine’s day party ideas for a bar that poke fun at the holiday is a comfort to many and can make for an incredible night. So how do you throw one? 

First, invitations. You want to make sure your guests feel appreciated on a day like Valentine’s Day, so a last minute invitation might not exactly send that message. Send out some cute anti-Valentine’s Day cards that highlight what the party is representing, what to wear, and what will take place.

Once the date is set, whether it is actually on February 14th or not, and your guests have RSVP’d, it is now time to transform your place into a “safe” space away from all the annoying love decorations. Unless you are going for an ironic effect, try and avoid the pink streamers and dainty decorations for obvious reasons. You could go all black with color, or you can modify traditional Valentine’s Day decorations to more thoroughly reflect the sentiment you are trying to achieve. This can be done with some added words or a pair of scissors to split a couple of décor hearts. Get creative!

In terms of food, provide your guests with a couple of options that vary between sweet and savory to get them through the evening. Not everyone will want just sweets on this rather “not sweet” holiday, but you should also treat yourself on Valentine’s Day so provide a wide variety of options! Food is another area where you can really plat to the anti-valentine’s day theme so come up with a fun menu that highlights the attitude of the party.

Some fun ideas for singles on valentine’s day include a heart shaped pizza that has been cut in half, heart shaped French fries with a cheeky saying like “fries before guys,” or cupcakes with on-theme cupcake toppers. Use your imagination. Any food can be turned into an “I hate Valentine’s Day” food.

A single’s party is not complete without the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day and anti-love music playlist. There are so many incredible songs out there that highlight and emphasize the single’s anthem. Pick from artists like Nicki Minaj, Destiny’s Child, or Drake, plenty of choices to sing your heart out.

To go along with the eating, mingling, and boozing, it would be a good idea to plan out a couple of activities to partake in throughout the evening, whether that be a bake off or heading to the club to dance the night away.

There are plenty of ideas to choose from like an anti-valentine’s day pinata or a nails session and mini spa night, but if you really want to treat yourself on valentine’s day, hit the bar with your besties and order some bottle service to celebrate yourselves. This way, you can hold a pregame to going out and have a fun party, then dance the night away with your best friends and celebrate being single! The bar is also the perfect place where other singles celebrate Valentine’s Day so you can meet other people who share the same feelings about this holiday that you have.

If you are thinking about what to do on valentine’s day if you’re single, don’t miss making the most of the night. You have only one life to live, so why not celebrate our lady friendships and enjoy your own wonderful company? Ditch the whole concept of being sad at home and lonely on Valentine’s Day, and hang out with your best friends for life, making memories that will last a lifetime while dancing to your favorite music and drinking your favorite drinks.

When the night ends, it would be a cute and festive idea to send your guests off with a couple of mementos of their single celebration. Think conversation heart cookies or a sweet book that will make your friends smile. There is nothing better than hanging with your other single friends and just having a good time, throwing an awesome valentine’s day singles party.

Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day

We know that Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday for many as it is so focused on romantic love, but why not shift the narrative? No one is stopping you from celebrating yourself or your friends this holiday. In fact, it is so much more fun to enjoy your single time. When you are single, you can rejoice any way that you want to, so you should go all out this Valentine’s Day. Throw a party, hit the club, whatever way you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, know that it is all up to you! No need to get a second opinion from someone else.

Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day by spending time with your friends or dancing the night away at your favorite bar. Listen to your favorite music and drink your favorite drink. This holiday should be all about you! There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day single. Just remember how special and important you are, and you will have a memorable night.