Awake your inner dragon: Literally the hottest place in town!

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Awake your inner dragon: Literally the hottest place in town!

Awake your inner dragon: Literally the hottest place in town!

Dragons Fire Theater is in town! Awake your inner dragon: Literally the hottest place, every weekend.

Is going out for some drinks and dancing getting a little stale? Try something new at The Pourhouse Downtown

If you know The Pourhouse Downtown, you know we’re always offering a variety of great nightlife experiences. You may have joined us to party to the music of some great DJs and live bands. Maybe you swung by for some karaoke with the ladies, or came to see the Vikings play with the boys. Or maybe you joined us on New Year’s Eve for our luxurious bash to usher in 2019. But we have a lot of other unique experiences to offer you if you’re getting a little bored with the typical night out. From burlesque shows, to stand up comedy, to circus performers, we’ve got all sorts of interesting stuff to sink your teeth into here at The Pourhouse. 

The Pourhouse Downtown presents: Dragons Fire Theater

Coming soon, The Sh*tshow at The Pourhouse Downtown will again be lit up by the red hot fire performances of Dragons Fire Theater. Justice Draconis is a fire dancer who founded Dragons Fire Theater back in 2007 when began assembling what is now a troupe of some of the most talented and diverse entertainers in the country. If you were to come and see Justice Draconis perform by himself, that alone would be worth it when he’s on the stage, it’s like you’re watching someone who is one part circus star, one part martial arts expert.

When you see him twirling his flaming staff in his elaborate warrior garments, you might think for a split second that you’re in an episode of Game of Thrones. It’s no wonder he had a role as a fire-spinner in the 2016 fantasy-horror film Through the Dark Glass! He’s also an absolute monster on the aerial silks; you won’t believe some of the stunts he can pull off hanging up there above the crowd!


But there’s so much more to a Dragons Fire Theater show than him. Justice Draconis has brought together an eclectic array of performers for a complete circus experience with a kick of pyrotechnic danger. Come see their perfectly choreographed fire twirlers and breathers, the Lyra and aerial silk performers, the belly, go-go, fire, pole, and break dancers, the gymnasts and acrobats, the stilt walkers, burlesque models, hula-hoopers, and percussionists–just to name a few. Everyone’s costuming and props are amazing, too.

You’ll see dancers dressed in harem-style garb, arms decked out with golden bangles, maybe even balancing giant sabers on their heads. Others will put you in a trance within their LED-bedazzled bodysuits and capes. You might also see some sassy flapper girls with bizarrely long legs–don’t worry, they’re just on stilts. They’ve also had roller skates. And a live python. Add girls wearing chandeliers as hats to the mix. Yeah . . . we told you it was a grab bag of weird and awesome stuff!


We didn’t start the fire…

Check out  @dragonsfiretheater on Instagram to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll definitely see a few pics of them wowing the crowds at The Pourhouse if you do! And you’ll also see how well-suited the Pourhouse Downtown is for exactly this kind of show. You can either hang out on the second floor and get a closer look at the beautiful acrobats as they dangle gracefully from the ceiling, or you can hang out on the ground floor and watch the flames fly you from the stage. Both ways, you’ll feel like you’re right there with them in the action–because you will be!

Awake your inner dragon at the hottest place every weekend

What else do you need to hear? It’s our philosophy that it’s not healthy to do the same thing over and over! This is especially true for your entertainment. You’ve only got one life . . . why not fill it up with new and exotic experiences when you’ve got the chance? Would you rather tell your friends you had another average weekend, or do you want to brag that you’ve been filling up your time with bumping music, hilarious comedy, and flaming acrobats? You’re in Minneapolis: take advantage when you can.

And as always, keep an eye on The Pourhouse Blog and our Events Calendar to stay in the know about the endless amount of new acts and events we’re constantly planning for downtown Minneapolis.