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Bi-Lesque: Under Our Umbrella

Bi-Lesque: Under Our Umbrella

Minneapolans can expect a fabulous start to the new year in the form of Bi-Lesque: Under Our Umbrella. Bi-Lesque is a variety show featuring a sultry cabaret of bold, sundry coquets–and they’re ready to kickstart a year of inclusivity, activism, and fearless expressions of the self. Art, activism, and entertainment will intersect and delight like so many colorful stage lights.  The event boasts burlesque, aerial, and pole performances, as well as a motley of gender expressions and sexual identities from their performers. And that is only the beginning…

Bi-lesque, ladies, and gentlemen!

This year will be Bi-Lesque’s fourth year in fundraising for the Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP), a nonprofit serving the Upper Midwest in advocating for the bisexual community and other identities that fall under the bi-umbrella. BOP is one of the largest bi-focused nonprofits in the country. They serve to battle biphobia, bi-erasure and misconceptions about bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and other labeled or unlabeled identities. The award-winning BOP also hosts a Bi+ book club, as well as BECAUSE, a yearly Bi+ community-building conference. They vocally emphasize welcoming monosexual allies to their events and to join the cause for bi+ advocacy. 

Come under our umbrella!

Bi+ people, as well as gays & straights interested in supporting their allies, can find more information at BOP’s website as well as the Bi-Lesque Facebook page. Bi-Lesque can be experienced for an 18+ audience at The Pourhouse in Downtown Minneapolis, January 26th at 7 pm. Ticket links can be found on BOP’s website. For those full-of-curiosity yet empty-of-wallet among us, Bi-Lesque can also be contacted for sliding scale ticket prices.

For a night of entertaining activism join us, #BOP, and your local #Bicommunity at The Pourhouse at 7pm on January 25th for an evening of variety performances including burlesque, aerial, pole, and so much more!