Watch upcoming sports events with your friends!

Watch upcoming sports events with your friends!

Watch upcoming sports events with your friends!

Big sports events are some of life’s great, adrenaline-fueled moments that are best enjoyed with friends, drinks, and an exciting atmosphere. We can sit at home and watch the regular season games by ourselves without reservation, but when it comes to the big games, we want to be somewhere special. What that looks like may be subjective on some levels, but there are some places to eat and watch sports that stand above the rest. So, what makes these places shine?

When you think about where you want to watch the most important upcoming sports events of the year, what kind of place do you picture? Do you picture dozens of TV screens so you can get a good view of the game from any spot or viewing angle, or one huge one that sucks you in and displays all the little details with amazing clarity? How about both? It depends on where you’re watching.

Sports bars vs. Watching sports at home

Two main competitors in the space where we watch games are sports bars and our own homes. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but those differences aren’t exactly evenly matched. Let’s take a look at what each of these places to watch sports have to offer for your can’t miss upcoming sports events.

The house party

The easiest way to spend the game may be to just roll over in your bed and flip on the TV. You can see the game, and you don’t even have to put pants on. It’s an excellent way to see the game, but if you want to actually experience all the excitement the game has to offer, you’ll need to call some friends over for the game because excitement is best served shared. 

We’ve all got large TVs these days, but is yours the best tv to watch sports on? You’ve probably got a half case of beer in the fridge and a bottle of something or other in the liquor cabinet, so call a few friends over, and you’ve got everything you need, right? 

Well, what does everyone like to drink? Will they have to bring their own booze and mixers? You’ve also got to consider the food. Will you be cooking whatever you’ve got in the freezer and doing a boatload of dishes later? How about the size of the room? Is it large enough to host the big game? Will you be playing sports related drinking games? All of these questions need answers, which affects how easily a house party can be thrown around a big game. If you get your ducks in a row, there are some great reasons to host a game at your home.

It can be cheaper

There’s no double that drinking at home is cheaper than drinking at the bar. You can buy a couple of handles of booze for the price of a modest bar tab. You can also get frozen apps cheap if that’s all you need. If you are planning some big bashes for upcoming sports events, however, you’ll have some additional costs to factor in. The bigger you go, the bigger the bill.

It’s the most convenient location for the host

One of the best things about hosting your own parties is the short commute. You don’t have to worry about getting home to let the dog out at halftime, using a toilet that has been destroyed by a drunk spectator with poor aim, or getting home safely after the game has ended. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

You get the best seat in the house

If comfort is your main driver, nothing beats sitting through a three hour game on your own couch. You’ve got a great view of the game, and you’ve got your apps spread over your coffee table, well within reach. With all these great reasons to stay and watch upcoming sports events with friends at home, why watch the game at a sports bar?

The sports bar

The sports bar scene is an entirely different kind of experience than the house party. They’ve got a full selection of drinks to choose from, so everyone gets exactly what they want. A great bar also has great food, meaning you can leave the preparation, cooking, and cleaning to the pros. Here’s what you get when you choose a great sports bar:

It’s a guaranteed good time

For nearly everyone who watches a sports event, they prefer to do so in good company. But, sometimes it’s hard to get a crew together at the last minute. Choosing to watch the big game at a sports bar means you’ll have enough like-minded people at the party to make every score and blocked point a whole lot more exciting. Sports bars plan for all the big, upcoming sports events, so they usually have a few gametime specials that bring sports fans to the table.

If it’s a bar you frequent, you’ll also get the added benefit of having a relationship with the staff and some of the regulars. Servers who know what you like can get you your drinks more quickly, and the friendly banter with people you know makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

It’s the best way to see the game

Most of our homes don’t have multiple, large screen TVs in the same room. We may have a few of them scattered throughout our homes, but when planning any big upcoming sports events, it’s always nicer to get everyone into the same room. Not only can bars provide dozens of sets in one room, but they are also equipped to handle TVs larger than you could ever dream of placing in your home. Watching the game at a great sports bar means you have solid TV and sound and won’t miss a minute of the action.

It’s the most convenient location for everyone

When we attend house parties for sport events, we are at the mercy of wherever the host has chosen to live. If they live way out in the boonies, you may have to turn the party down a bit to ensure you make it home safely. Choosing to watch in a bar means we can choose a central location that works well for everyone.

You’ve got space for your whole crew

Another limitation we run into with house parties is a lack of space. We can set up outdoors, but if we run into a rainy day or, like, the winter, people may migrate indoors anyway. If you haven’t got a big house with good flow, it can get crowded quickly. Choosing a sports lounge with ample space and plenty of TVs allows you to share in all the emotion, whether that means winning or losing, with everyone you want there with you.

Best upcoming sports events to watch at the bar

Not all sports are created equal. Some proceed at a slow, methodical pace, while others are nonstop action from the first second to the final buzzer. Some of them are simply better to watch at the bar. Let’s start with the one in the least distant future, March Madness.

The NCAA Basketball National Championships

Few sports are as action-packed as basketball. We can count the typical number of times a team scores in most sports on two hands, but basketball is different. There are points scored regularly, and the regular lead changes keep us on the edge of our seats until the final buzzer sounds. It can be tough to watch the entirety of March Madness from the bar since many games are played in the middle of workdays, but by the time we reach the Sweet Sixteen, you can’t beat the bar for games. 

Sharing our March Madness predictions via our brackets is a point of pride for many college hoops fans, and what better way to find a sizable cross section of other fans to gloat or cry to than by watching at a sports bar. At the end of the day, what is a sports bar, if not a support group for sports fanatics?

The Kentucky Derby

The high point of early May for more than a few Kentuckians is The Kentucky Derby. The hats, the race, and the party all make it one of the most exciting parties of the year. It’s one of the year’s big sport events that just isn’t done justice at home. 

Watching The Kentucky Derby at a sports bar makes rooting on your horse so much more fun. It also makes the potential victory that much sweeter. If you’re into betting on the race, you can even find boards at many local bars. As spring nears, this is one of the upcoming sports events you’ll want to mark on your calendar.

The Super Bowl

It’s arguably the most popular sport in the US, and it’s sure to deliver plenty of drama, punctuated by big hits and missed calls. When sports deliver this many emotional swings in rapid succession, it’s great to share them with others who feel the same way you do.

Though it’s nearly a year away, people are already undoubtedly making plans to watch the game with a crew. If you’re thinking of putting a party together for the next Super Bowl, or any other upcoming sports events, start thinking of the best place to watch sports now, and you’ll be ready when the time comes.