Getting ready to go out: tips and tricks

Getting ready to go out: tips and tricks

Getting ready to go out: tips and tricks

Going out to a concert or listening to music with friends can be some of the best moments of your life. Nothing is greater than listening to your favorite songs with your favorite people and dancing the night away. But there are a few things to know before you head out the door looking for a good time. 

When going out, there is a lot of unspoken etiquette and tips to know before hitting the town. Let’s say you finally score the tickets to your favorite artist or finally convinced your friends to join you on a night out. Go ahead and take a moment to get excited, then start getting ready to go out with these helpful concert tips. 

A good group

One of the most important things you can do while prepping for a party is to surround yourself with great people. The type of people you go out with can really set the mood for the night. If you want to have fun and go out to a concert, find people that enjoy the same music and are also open to going out. 

After you have some friends willing to go and who are excited about the concert, you can plan the evening together, and it will make getting ready for the party that much more fun! Think about the tickets, where you want to eat beforehand, if you will pregame somewhere prior to the concert, and travel. Pick out some music to get you pumped up while making your plans. When there is a set plan beforehand, everyone will know exactly what is happening, and the night will go very smoothly!

Prepare your ticket in advance

The next urgent matter is preparing your tickets in advance. The worst thing that can happen is planning to go to a concert and the concert being sold out. It’s best to purchase tickets in advance so you can avoid that awkward moment of the event being sold out the day of.

When you are looking to purchase your ticket, you will want to check the ticket delivery method. Some companies require tangible tickets, so you will have to have them mailed or picked up, but the majority of tickets these days are distributed electronically for your convenience. 

How to prepare for a concert

Now that you have your tickets and a plan, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare for your concert and getting ready to go out.

First, confirm your entry method. Whether you are using a ticket on your mobile device and going paperless or printed your ticket off at home, make sure that you have everything you need to get into the venue. Some venues require proof of ID, especially for concerts that are 21+ so make sure you remember to bring yours.

Next, map out how you want to get to the venue. To avoid all stress and anxiety the day of, you will want to map out your route to the venue in advance. This way, you can figure out if you want to take a taxi or rideshare vehicle, drive yourself, or use public transportation. You can even save the venue’s address if you are using an app for directions to have that ready to go the day of. 

Then, you want to figure out parking when getting ready to go out if you are choosing to drive yourself. Trying to figure out parking last minute can seriously suck. It is very hectic, especially if the venue is in a downtown area. Avoid any hassle by figuring out parking options in advance and identifying some parking lots near the venue. 

Confirm the time and event information with everyone in your group. Check the event information website for any updates and to figure out details like when the doors open and when any opener performances start. Then, follow up with everyone in your group, so everyone knows the plans! This way, you can avoid any tardiness and allow time for traffic. 

Next, make some dinner reservations. If you are getting ready to go out and planning to dance the whole night while jamming out to music, you will need some fuel. All-night diners after the show are always a hit, or you can go for a more classy reservation before or after the performance for some party prep. 

Bring your necessities

When getting ready to go out, there are some concert etiquette tips and tricks to know. To ensure you are having a great time, you will want to bring a couple of necessities. If you are wondering what to bring, every event is different, but there are a couple things that you should always have on hand. A good tip is to check the venue policy prior to arriving to establish what you can and can’t bring. 

First, don’t forget your ticket or your ID. These are probably the two most important pieces to have, and you will want to have them on hand and ready when entering the venue. No one likes a concert-goer who is scrambling to find their ticket or ID in line. It is basic concert etiquette for audience members to have everything prepared when going through security. 

You’ll also want to bring some cash to have on hand when getting ready to go out. Some venues can be cash only, and just in case you lose your wallet, it is best to have cash rather than losing a debit or credit card. 

Next, you will want to fully charge your phone. In many instances, you might lose your friends or want to capture the moment. Having a charged phone will let you contact your friends in case of an emergency and take pictures or videos. A charged phone may also come in handy if you want to call a taxi or rideshare vehicle after the show. 

Lastly, there are some extra things you might want to consider bringing, like earplugs or a light sweater. Depending on the type of music and venue, having earplugs to protect your ears can be very beneficial to avoid headaches or even damaging your ears.

You will probably not be able to bring in water into the venue, but it’s a good idea to purchase some there to stay hydrated throughout the evening. No one wants you passing out when getting ready to go out! If the venue is outside, consider bringing a hat, sunglasses, or protective outerwear to hide from the sun and keep you protected. 

Best time ever

Concerts and getting ready to go out can be some of the best times, but you really need to prepare to ensure you have a great time without any hiccups. If you are wondering what to do at a concert or what to bring, now you know! There are so many incredible concerts and performances to experience, like DWNTWN DAYZ at the Pourhouse on May 27th, presented by Rock Solid Music Group. It is an event you won’t want to miss, and now you know exactly how to have the best time ever by following the tips and tricks above. If you are interested in live music (who isn’t!), you should check it out! Tickets are available today!

Getting ready to go out doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be super fun and get you very excited and pumped up for the big performance. By planning out all the details, you won’t have to stress the day of and will be able to fully enjoy the incredible venue and event that you are attending. Concerts can sometimes be intimidating, but it is important to truly just enjoy yourself and the music and have fun!