Color-themed party: Have a blast with your friends! 

Color-themed party: Have a blast with your friends! 

Color-themed party: Have a blast with your friends! 

If you haven’t been to a color-themed party yet, now’s the time to jump on board and see what the viral trend is all about. 

What’s a color-themed party?

In a nutshell, a color-themed party is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a party that centers around designated colors. So, what does this look like? Well, the entire party could be focused on one color– where all decor, food, and attire are blue, for example. Or, more commonly, it could be a party where every guest shows up wearing a specific color that also matches the color of the food or drinks they bring. 

So, if I ventured out to a color party and decided on the color red, I’d wear a scarlet red dress and bring cherry grenadine Shirley Temple drinks. And, if I really wanted to go all out, I could throw a Ginger Spice wig on my head and bring Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as a red snack.

What’s the purpose of a color-themed party?

There’s no deep meaning behind a color theme party. It’s essentially just an awesome excuse to hang with your friends in color-coordinated style. And what’s more fun than that? 

These colorful celebrations have been trending for some time now and they’ve proved to bring about the wildest and most fun nights. But how did these get-togethers become so popular in the first place?

The power of TikTok hashtags

Whether it’s a dance, a food hack, or lip-synching videos, we can always count on TikTok to show us the next big thing. Thanks to their viral hashtags, color-themed party videos have captured the attention of over 48 million views. This is how the hashtag #TikTokcolorthemeparty helped launch this recent craze.

Why color is key to an unforgettable event

Let’s be honest– playing party games is more fun when you’re in an exciting environment. No one wants to play Candy Land in a room that’s filled with a dull atmosphere. This is why color is the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to party planning. Not only do these parties produce aesthetically pleasing pictures to post on social media, but they also make the air in the room more lively and fun.

Color brings energy

“I think you should add a pop of gray to your pink dress,” said no one, ever. On the other hand, it’s very common to add a pop of color to a drab interview outfit to make it more fun and visually pleasing.

Think about it, we use color all the time to make things more interesting. We could have all had plain, gray folders and notebooks for every class in high school. But we didn’t. Instead, we chose a blue notebook for social studies class, a green notebook for biology, and a purple notebook for art history. This is because colors bring life to the mundane.

And this is what color does for parties, too. It has the power to boost the energy and mood in the room while influencing the overall tone of the party at the same time. As a result, a color-themed party can enhance the mood of your guests and make them have a better time.

Color-themed party ideas

There are SO many colors to choose from when deciding on how to theme your party. But we’ve made a list of a few of the top choices to help inspire you when you plan or attend your next banger.

Black & gold

It’s no secret that black and gold make a statement. These colors boldly exude glamor. Dressing to the nines in these classic colors will make you and your guests feel elegant, yet still ready to party. This is why these colors are usually paired with New Year’s Eve parties or any event that celebrates a milestone.

While it’s easy to find attire and create color-themed party invitations in these colors, it can be difficult to come up with food ideas that are black and gold. But before you start to panic and use food dye to turn your guacamole into a moldy-looking black mess, try out one of the following ideas first.

  • Any dark chocolate dessert works great for this color scheme. Try dark chocolate brownies or donuts with edible gold flakes!
  • If you want something on the savory side, go with blue corn tortilla chips (which look black) and a bowl of original chickpea hummus to represent a gold color.


While neutral may seem a little… blah, at first sight, it’s become one of the best color party ideas to date. Why? Because these nude and cream colors work for a diverse range of party themes. A neutral palette is one of the most popular party color themes for adults because it works well with wedding showers and baby showers.

What’s great about neutral palettes is that you can add a touch of color without compromising the theme. For example, the trending bohemian parties use neutral colors to set the overall tone and add a bit of orange or turquoise to create the perfect boho vibe.

Neutral colors are pretty easy when it comes to matching snacks with the theme. Cream puffs, croissants, and mashed potatoes are all great foods to bring to a neutral-colored party. For drinks, cream soda, eggnog (if it’s a holiday party), and white Russians are all awesome choices that represent the beige-cream palette.

Blues & yellows

Blues and yellows are a perfect color party trend for beach-themed parties. All of the aqua colors nod to ocean waves, while golden-yellow tones remind guests of the warm sunshine. To get a true seashore vibe, you can add some sandy colors and tropical ones like an orange or coral pink.

But what about blue or yellow snacks and beverages? That can be tough when it comes to an oceanside color-themed party. So, we’ve got some ideas to help you out.

  • Try some blue and yellow tropical fruits to hit the theme right on its head. Blueberries, bananas, pineapple, and golden apples are great choices. Or, go above and beyond and blend these fruits into delicious and healthy smoothies!
  • Want something saltier? Go for cool ranch Doritos– the perfect mix of yellow and blue colors! 
  • For beverages, lemonade is a go-to for yellow-colored parties and Blue Lagoon is the perfect spiked blue drink for beach parties.


Rainbow parties are all the rage right now. They’re a popular choice for color celebrations because they tie in the delightful rainbow colors, while also supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, they make for some pretty awesome posts on TikTok. What doesn’t look cooler than a bunch of people standing in a rainbow-colored order?

A rainbow party is definitely an occasion where you should go all out with the food coloring to make whimsical-looking snacks. Try making a tie-dye swirl cake with all the rainbow colors or a cupcake tower of rainbow pastels.

Your perfect color-themed party

Now that we’ve covered all things color parties, what’s stopping you from throwing one yourself? All you have to do is pick your favorite color or choose a scheme that stands out to you. Then, get ready to rage in a perfectly coordinated fashion!