Burlesque Brunch? You Better Believe It!

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Burlesque Brunch? You Better Believe It!

Burlesque Brunch? You Better Believe It!

Burlesque Brunch only at The Pourhouse! And oh yeah, it is not a dream.

There’s no better way to kick off a Sunday Funday than by digging into a great brunch. If you’ve got a hangover from being a little too awesome the night before or if you just want to get the last day of the weekend off to a great start, there’s nothing quite like a Bloody Mary and a croissant. Lucky for you, the best place to party on a Saturday night is now also the best place to start your Sunday because The Pourhouse has a Burlesque brunch now

Not only does the Pourhouse have brunch, but it’s gonna be a brunch like you’ve never seen before and to celebrate, some of the best Burlesque entertainers in Minneapolis are getting up to the business of getting down. For the next month of Sundays, the good people at Sovereign Tease Productions are partnering with the Pourhouse in beautiful Downtown Minneapolis to crank the heat up on your brunch faster than a bottle of tabasco poured on a fried egg.

Thrilling Themes!

Starting on February 16th, every HOTCAKES: Burlesque Brunch at the Pourhouse will have a unique, fun theme to get your blood pumping and whet your appetite. Starting with a Tainted Love Valentine’s Hangover show, sliding into a Cartoon and Comics theme on the 23rd before turning the biggest pop stars and queens into a sinfully sexy show on March 1st, and finally showing just how decadent and desirable feminism can be on the 8th. 

No matter when you come out for brunch, you’ll get a unique show that you can’t find anywhere else. Minneapolis has one of the most vibrant, thriving Burlesque scenes in the country and the best entertainers from that scene are going to be giving you the brunch of a lifetime. 

Delicious Delights at a Discount!

How much would you pay for a ticket to a show full of sexy dancers, hilarious puns and jokes, and feats of athleticism the likes of which you’ve never seen that also features mimosas and maybe some avocado toast? Because tickets to HOTCAKES: Burlesque Brunch are only ten bucks. Never seen a burlesque show before? Ten bucks knocks the sexiest item off your bucket list. Love burlesque but lament the distinct lack of fruit plates at most shows? Ten bucks gets you in the door to your very specific dream come true. Just want to have a good time you can’t get anywhere else? It’s ten bucks. You can’t go wrong.

A Fun Fantasy!

It’s been said that brunch is not quite breakfast and it’s not quite lunch, but it’s a good meal and you get a slice of cantaloupe at the end. But at the Pourhouse, that’s just the start. Don’t just settle for a Sunday Funday when you can end your weekend seeing your fantasies come true. There is truly nothing in the world quite like burlesque and there’s nothing quite like the Pourhouse’s new brunch. So get downtown this Sunday. Tickets are gonna sell like HOTCAKES.