How To Choose A Right Event Bar For Your Occasion

How To Choose A Right Event Bar For Your Occasion

How To Choose A Right Event Bar For Your Occasion

Many consider planning an event a cumbersome task, which is often overwhelming. A key concern is where to host a party, a venue that will appeal to all guests and keep them entertained for hours.

Hosting a party at a bar is an excellent idea and definitely a go-to option for many. The trick is to find the right bar venue that has multiple resources, services, features, and amenities for you and your guests to enjoy. Here are some fundamental yet essential things that will help you choose the right event bar for your occasion.

Pick a Bar With Things to Do

Select a bar that has tons of activities to kill boredom. It should allow your guests to do more than sitting or standing around to include various adult games and activities. Think arcade games, a pool table, a dance floor, tabletop shuffleboard, and foosball, among many more.

These bar events options will help your guests move around the room throughout the night, which is indulging and also boosts interaction. It provides even the shy guests with an opportunity to strike up a conversation with other attendees. Shifting from one activity to another means continuously meeting new people during the event.

Besides games, look out for a bar with additional activities like karaoke, live music, or a bartending show. Karaoke at bar parties is a wonderful way to make funny memories, while a bartending show will leave your guests intrigued. Take advantage of the opportunity to play games or chit-chat with the background music from an experienced live band.

Pick a Bar That Has Different Areas Within It

It goes without saying that a bar that’s built as one big room is too monotonous to stay in for an entire night. Try finding party venues with multiple areas, like a rooftop or outdoor sitting area; if there’s no rooftop, perhaps an outdoor garden or lounge will suffice. Some additional features can include a bar area, indoor lounge, and gaming area.

Top event bars have outdoor sitting areas or rooftop lounges that welcome the breeze and the opportunity to indulge in a starry skyline or the ambiance of outdoor lighting. It’s definitely a place where most of your guests will gather unconsciously because of how serene and free it is. Some bars offer heating systems to keep the outdoors cozy, so be sure to ask if that’s a possibility for your preferred venue. In contrast, an indoor section will provide some additional privacy if there are guests who would like to talk in depth.

A VIP section will come in handy if you’re throwing fancy events or themed parties and want some exclusivity- this is ideal for more classy events like a gala but can be used for any other party if you have the right budget. The VIP section comes with better furniture, more privacy, closeness to the stage, and a select team of waiting staff, so you never have to wait for drinks.

Choose a Bar With Good Music and Dance Floor

Good music is one of the fundamental things that set any event space apart. Each bar has its vibe based on the type of entertainment they have. Through a club’s music, you can know the kind of crowd they’re trying to attract; clubs for youngsters tend to be louder with more trendy upbeat music, while those that accommodate adults tend to be more relaxed with a mic of trendy and older music.

If you’re planning to rent out the entire event bar, you can have the DJ play your preferred music. But, if you will share the space with other revelers, then you should visit the bar a few times before making your final decision. If you don’t have time, then ask for recommendations from friends and families who have visited the place.

The bottom line is that a good event bar should have a strong reputation for good music regardless of the type it plays. If they have a good DJ, then you can schedule your party on the day they play your preferred types of music, for instance, rock Wednesdays, which may include a mix of rock and house music. A dance floor is a must-have feature that will allow your guests to indulge in the good music fully.

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Pick a Bar That Has a Place to Go Outside

As mentioned, a rooftop lounge or outdoor sitting area is a fantastic place for your guests to bind. It breaks the monotony of being confined in four walls, and most of the type, it will allow guests to stand and walk around at their leisure. However, ensure the outdoor area has sufficient covering from wind for additional comfort.

Try to find a bar that is located near the water if that’s a possibility for you. A lounge by the water is calming, and- research has shown that it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which caters to the body’s response to rest and digestion. Your guests will experience lower heart rate and blood pressure, stimulating their digestion and allowing their bodies to relax.

If you don’t get an event bar by the water, it’s alright, and you should know that your guests will still get the calming effect associated with spending time outdoors. Studies have also shown that the oxygen in the fresh air also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It leads to lower stress and anxiety levels, which will help your guests enjoy the party more.

See Whats the Bars Capacity

Check the event bar capacity to know if your guests will all fit in the venue. If you’re sharing the space with the public, then prepay for a few tables to have them reserved for your event; this ensures you’re not scumbling for sitting space during the event. Having a guest list beforehand will help you know which bars are best suited for your event. Most importantly, leave some room for extra guests in case someone comes with a plus one.

In addition, consider the layout of the event bar and see if it fits what you have planned out for the night for your guests. The layout should allow you proximity and clever placement of AC units, washrooms, and outlets. Pick a post where you’re not too close to the washrooms to avoid smells but not too far from the HVAC system to keep your guests comfortable. You should have easy entry and exit points for minimal disruption. 

Does It Have a Parking

Check whether the bar has enough parking, and if not, is there parking from other businesses that your guests can use? Sometimes, the bar’s parking may need to be increased, but you should still rent a place you love. Ask around for additional parking areas in case the bar’s parking gets full, and have your guests know where and how much they are likely to pay if it happens.

Also, ascertain the safety of the parking area, especially if it’s not owned by the event bar. Ensure there’s some form of security deployed to surveil the area to avoid incidences of loss or damage. If parking remains a significant issue even after these measures, encourage your guests to carpool or use an Uber to get to the destination.

Does It Have Services and Amenities

Once you’ve ascertained the space is beautiful, ask more about their amenities and have a look at them before booking. They may include restrooms, high-speed wifi, air conditioning, parking, dining options, and so much more. You want to make sure your guests are comfortable and that the event bar checks most of your amenities list.

They should have a clean restroom that is regularly cleaned throughout the night. High-speed wifi is great for communication, although it’s best to explore gaming options that will make your guests forget their phones for the few hours you spend together.

Check out the food menu options to ensure they fit your budget and preferences. Consider food or snack options that will appeal to most guests and have a separate food for anyone with allergies. Pick out foods that are eaten by most people even if it is nothing special, or you can have the bar’s staff recommend some party favorites they have served in previous celebrations at their business.


Having a party at an event bar is a great idea to keep your guests engaged and interactive throughout the event. When selecting the venue, look out for its amenities, services, sitting capacity, and gaming options. You want a bar where your guests can move around, enjoy different seating areas, and have multiple activities for them to do to break the monotony. The goal is to foster connectivity by booking a place that will encourage interaction and has the resources to accommodate fun times beyond sitting or standing around for hours.